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Divorce Lawyers Can Help

Divorce lawyers handle a large variety of divorce cases. From simple, uncontested divorces to complex, contested divorce actions.
Most divorce lawyers have extensive experience with cases involving substantial assets, high incomes, small businesses and hidden assets and their financial analysis capabilities can help you address the unique nature of these types of cases.
Divorce lawyers, though, can handle more than just divorce. They can handle contempt, Child custody modification, child support modification, and alimony modification.
A number of legal issues can arise after a divorce that your divorce lawyer can also handle.
If one spouse does not satisfy their financial obligations in the divorce, a divorce lawyer can assist in contempt of court cases to help you receive what you are entitled to.
In addition, if you have lost your job or are experiencing other difficulties, which prevent you from meeting obligations from the divorce, they can help you seek a modification of your divorce decree to change your child support or alimony obligation.
Most importantly, if circumstances have changed and you now believe that child custody and visitation arrangements should be altered, divorce lawyers can aid you in bringing those issues to the court's attention in an effort to modify child custody arrangements.
The idea is that divorce lawyers only handle divorce but they can handle a multitude of situations including child custody modification.
Types of Child Custody Modification Divorce Lawyers Can Handle
Divorce lawyers regularly represent child custody modification clients in domestic abuse matters. When necessary and appropriate divorce lawyers seek court intervention for the issuance of both Abuse Prevention Orders and Domestic Relations Protective Orders.
In addition the divorce lawyers often work with mental health professionals to assist clients who are in abusive relationships and in need of varied services.
Additionally, divorce lawyers have successfully defended clients against false and potentially devastating claims of abuse. At a recent trial, clients gained custody of a minor child and other vital relief after the Court ruled that his former wife's charges of child abuse were false.
Finally, divorce lawyers can intervene if the main custodian is not doing their job of properly raising the child, so that the minority parent can step in to take a larger role.
Potential Recourse
It is often necessary to file modification or contempt actions when circumstances change or when one fails to meet a Court ordered obligation.
For instance, after a recent trial for contempt, a client was awarded a sizeable judgment for unpaid child support and was also awarded counsel fees and interest.
In another recent case, divorce lawyers succeed in defeating a party's request to remove two minor children from one area and relocate them to another area. A divorce lawyer can also help you from having your children moved from you.
It is advised that clients of divorce lawyers know their rights to seek modification of support obligations as they approach retirement or have material changes in their income levels as a result of corporate downsizing and layoffs.

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WhoCanISue.comFamily Divorce

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